Order a quick and easy alcohol fuel test kit to detect ethanol and/or water in gas and safely manage E10 fuels.
Complete alcohol fuel test kit includes fuel-tester, Quik-Check solution, collection/dispenser bottle, copper stand, E10 precautions and more.
Fuel Testers supplies the information and testing equipment  you need to protect your engines from
Portable ethanol fuel testing kits are a simple solution to protect gas-powered engines from too high alcohol content in gasoline.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Caution: E10 fuel contains alcohol (ethanol), which is a strong solvent and attracts water.
An Alcohol Fuel Test Kit will give you the reliable results you need
to determine if gas at the pump and/or in your gas tank is safe.
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 Complete Alcohol Fuel Test Kit AFTK06 includes 6ml QCS and more; Does not include tester stand,
Deluxe Test Kit: AFTK15D $34.95 ea.

Basic Complete Test Kit: AFTK06 $27.95 ea.
Individual 15ml QCS Bottle: QCS15
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Note: Many manufacturers, repair shops, parts supplies stores, etc. stock our kits and quik-check solution. You may wish to contact your engine manufacturer's local dealership or certified repair station to inquire if our test kits are available in stock for local pick-up.

All items included in complete test kits are available individually: Fuel-testers, Quik-Check Solution, Dispenser Bottles, Tester Stands and More...
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