Fuel Testers supplies the knowledge and resources you need to protect your engines from alcohol fuel - Auto, Marine, Aircraft....
Fuel Testers provides information and gas alcohol test kits to manage E10 ethanol blend renewable fuels.
Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.

ANSWER: We do not recommend any specific gas additives for E10 prevention.
Over the past decade we have reviewed hundreds of products, and have yet to find one that addresses the primary problem(s) with E10 (water absorption + phase separation and deterioration of parts).

Numerous products have false claims:
E.G. "Stabilizes and preserves E10 fuel"; "Removes water and prevents phase-separation"; "Prevents ethanol caused parts damage", etc.
Lies - If any product actually accomplished these actions you can be certain we would be selling it and/or the chemicals would already be included in all gasoline sold.

Most should have minimal problems with E10 fuel, when your engine manufacturer approves of use of ethanol blends, and gas is of good quality at time of purchase.

Good quality = Meets ASTM standards, does not contain water, has below 10% legal max for ethanol, is appropriate octane for your engine, etc.

But, certain engines are simply just not designed for alcohol blends...
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FAQ: "What gas additive does Fuel-Testers most often recommend?"
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Purchasing high quality fresh gas (gasoline that does not contain water or over-legal 10% of ethanol),
and following all necessary precautions is your best defense against E10 gas contamination.

Check fuel quality at time of purchase.  A fuel-tester and quik-check solution will also reveal alcohol content of liquid fuel additives.

Do NOT use alcohol based additves with fresh E10 gas.

- Also remember that most conventional engine manufacturers approve of gasoline containing 10% or less ethanol. E15 is not manufacturer approved for almost all engines.
Using alcohol based additives can raise alcohol content of fuel in tank over 10% which will invalidate your engine warranty for fuel system repairs, if damage occurs.

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