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Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
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Report abnormal test results and/or problems with ethanol fuels.

Report abnormal test results and problems with E10 ethanol fuel.
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Bad Gas in Florida, causing driving, performance problems or engine damage?
Contact Florida Bureau of Petroleum Inspection for Investigation:
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Standards, Petroleum Inspection:
Telephone: (850) 488-9740  Fax : (850) 922-6655  Field Office Telephone: (850) 487-2634
Mailing Address: Bureau of Petroleum Inspection  3125 Conner Blvd. Lab 1, Mail Stop L29  Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650

The high incidence of contaminated fuel sold in Florida is primarily due to the lack of quality assurance testing/regulation and improper storage of E10, resulting in gasoline sold with excess water (phase separation) and over legal content of ethanol. A profit motive exists to overblend ethanol due to ethanol tax credits and subsidies...

Notify Fuel-Testers of gas engine problems - E.G. When gas at public pumps is water-contaminated or over legal limit for ethanol, not properly labeled, etc.   Email Us: e10reporting@yahoo.com.

Reminder: E15 is not yet legal for sale, as per EPA 11/2011 memo. E15 will never replace E10...All engine manufacturers only approve and warranty up to 10% ethanol, except for flex fuel vehicles that can use up to 85% alcohol.

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- Florida DOACS Department Press Release -

Copied from Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
View at www.doacs.state.fl.us/press/2008/03132008.html  Department Press Release-March 2008
- Start Copy -
Terence McElroy (850) 488-3022  mcelrot@doacs.state.fl.us
Bronson Unveils New Fuel Quality Standards For Gasoline/Ethanol Blends (March 2008)

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson today announced new fuel quality standards for gasoline blended with ethanol. 

All motor fuels sold in Florida, including those containing ethanol, are required to meet fuel quality standards adopted by the department to ensure proper consumer vehicle performance.  Motor fuels not meeting these standards are not permitted to be sold to consumers.

These changes specifically target selected fuel quality standards for gasoline blended with 10 percent or less ethanol.  They take into account the effect ethanol has on the properties of gasoline when the two are mixed together. 

Ethanol, an alternative and renewable fuel that can be made from a variety of agricultural crops and wastes as well as biomass, has the potential to alleviate the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  It is a cleaner-burning fuel that can easily be mixed with gasoline in concentrations of 10 percent or less and used in virtually any modern day automobile.

Blending ethanol with gasoline is beneficial for the environment as it burns cleaner than gasoline, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas and other harmful tailpipe emissions.

Today, numerous gas stations in Florida are selling gasoline/ethanol blends and doing so with great success.  However, capacity still exists for more ethanol blending to take place in Florida, which is expected to significantly increase as a result of these new fuel quality standards.

Florida ranks third in the nation in its use of motor fuel, consuming about 8.7 billion gallons of gasoline annually. As a result, the state has the potential to reduce gasoline consumption by 870 million gallons each year through the addition of a 10 percent ethanol mix in the gasoline supply chain.

Bronson believes that his department’s ‘Farm to Fuel’ initiative – an initiative in which state agricultural producers are being encouraged to raise crops and use biomass to produce renewable energy - will increase the amount of ethanol and biodiesel produced, blended and sold in Florida.

“As our ‘Farm to Fuel’ initiative moves forward, we expect to be among the leading producers of bio fuels in the country,” Bronson said.

- End Copy -

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In March 2008, FL Commissioner Bronson of the DOACS boldly announced requirement that all fuel sold in Florida must contain 9-10% ethanol - (Copy of press release at bottom of page).

While one of the strictest E10 laws in the nation with intent to rapidly increase Florida's use of renewable fuels, the standards do include ethanol exempt provsions when non-ethanol fuel may be sold, which includes Marine engines, Aircraft, Classic Cars and more.

Good News - Update Dec. 6th, 2011: House Bill 4013 by Rep. Matt Gaetz, would repeal the 2008 mandatory ethanol Florida law that requires gasoline to include ethanol. A Senate committee approved the measure 10-1 on Dec. 6th, 2011.
Bad News - Update Dec. 8th, 2011: The following day, Dec. 7th, 2011 the bill was postponed.

Support HB 4013 and SB 238, to repeal the requirement that madates at least 9 percent ethanol in gasoline.

State Representative Matt Gaetz of Destin is leading the charge. He says drivers should be allowed to choose what kind of fuel they want. 

Gaetz argued that the corn-based biofuel causes problems in boats, lawn mowers and old cars, is an efficient net consumer of energy and a unfair government mandate.
He compared it to tacos. "Businesses particularly love stability when the government mandates that the public buy that business's products,'' he said."If I sold tacos for a living, I would really like an environment where the government forced everyone to eat three tacos a day."

"Consumers ought to be empowered to make the choice about what kind of gas they want in their automobile. If ethanol works, if it's something that can ultimately reduce dependence on foreign oil I'm all for it, but I think the choice ought to belong to the consumer."

Opponents of mandatory E10 say it takes more than a gallon of gas to produce one gallon of ethanol and biofuel is actually bad for your car's engine.

Politifact.com in Florida reports the following statement as "Mostly True":
"A Cornell University research study concludes that ethanol generates a 29 percent energy loss, meaning it takes more than a gallon of gasoline to produce a gallon of ethanol."

Adam Putnam, Florida's Agriculture Commissioner, says ending the ethanol requirement would send all the wrong signals.
Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, who opposes the measure, said that keeping ethanol in the fuel mix helps lessen the country's dependence on foreign oil...
To protect the income and profits of his new company, Bradley Krohn president of Florida based ethanol company called US EnviroFuels LLC already has a petition titled "Take Action and Spread the Word- Vote NO on HB 4013".
He wants Florida RFS "modernized" by, "Allowing for higher retail blends of ethanol such as E15, E20, E30 and E85 to give the consumer greater choices.... Creating an incentive whereby all blenders must preferentially purchase ethanol..."
E10 to lessen dependence on foreign oil?...So why has FL imported ethanol from Brazil and the Carribean? Plus,the net energy loss of E10 indicates it actually increases the amount of petroleum used....
Allow E15, E20, E30? Why does Bradley Kohn continue to ignore the fact that all conventional engine manufacturers only approve and warranty up to 10% maximum?
Source(s) of Florida news reports above includes: 12/07/11: www.southeastagnet.com/2011/12/07/florida-ethanol-bill-stalls-in-senate-committee/  12/06/11: Channel 7 News www.wjhg.com/home/headlines/Ethanol_Bill__135125228.html
12/01/11: www2.tbo.com/news/opinion/2011/dec/01/meopino2-modernize-floridas-renewable-fuels-standa-ar-328563
11/29/2011: www.gainesville.com/article/20111129/NEWS/111129515/1123/opinion?p=1&tc=pg and others.

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Especially in Florida where the state petroleum inspectors have done nothing to crack-down on stations selling contaminated E10 fuel (over-blended, water-contaminated, mislabeled, etc.). 

Most engine problems are preventable when necessary E10 precautions are followed, but the complete lack of monitoring and oversight to stop gas stations from selling fuel that contains excess alcohol (above 10% legal limit), leaves availability of E0 as the best solution

The 30+ years of ethanol subsidies also need to be repealed, especially the almost 6 billion dollar a year tax credit handed over to oil companies (EG. B/P, Mobil, Shell) and ethanol blenders.

The cons of blending ethanol into conventional gasoline far outweigh the benefits - If ethanol can't be used as E85 flex-fuel, (which unlike E10 is an alternative fuel that replaces petroleum), than the time has come for ethanol to go away to leave room for truly sustainable and cost-effective biofuels...
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