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The manufacturing plants that produce ethanol from corn and grains, throughout the U.S. are dangerously increasing pollution and adversely affecting the quality of the air we breathe ...
Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol in Gas=Pollution + Engine Damage +
> Washington DC - Ethanol RFA issues warnings to Boat Owners.

> 10/27/06 FAA Issues Safety Bulletin on Ethanol Use in Airplanes.

> Most auto and marine engine manufacturers have issued ethanol warnings, which state that using over 10% ethanol fuel will damage your engine and invalidate your warranty.

Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
About Ethanol:
Pollution & Environment
The manufacturing plants that produce ethanol from corn and grains, throughout the U.S. are dangerously increasing pollution and adversely affecting the quality of the air we breathe...

In addition to the massive pollution released by (ethanol) manufacturing plants,
when you also consider the petroleum required to produce and transport ethanol (rail + barge) + toxic fertilizers contaminating nearby waterways, the slogan "ethanol is good for the environment" suddenly loses all credibility!

The rapid increase in pollution is now becoming more evident as ethanol production increases.
By early 2014, over 95% of gasoline sold contained 10% or more ethanol=
Although ethanol gas (made from corn and grains) may have seemed preferable over petroleum as a source of fuel in the 1990's, the greenhouse emmissions of corn fuel is much higher when land use is factored in, initally reported 2/7/08 by Associated Press MSNBC. View at:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23057867/

Reports from states where ethanol plants are most prevalent (corn belt) show an increased prevalence in medical disease, especially lung disease, due to the chemicals and smoke that the ethanol plants release into the atmosphere during production of corn and grains into alcohol. This has spurred numerous class action lawsuits.
Adelhyde, a function of ethanol volume, is a threat to nose, eyes, throat and possibly causes cancer. At lower ethanol-blend volumes, adelhyde emmissions are controlled by the catalytic converter.

The frequency of ethanol plant violations has skyrocketed in recent years (2007-2014):
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's issuance of fines, violations, and judgements against ethanol manufacturing plants, due to lack of compliance with state and federal air pollution control laws has become almost a weekly news headline...


March 11, 2014
An ethanol plant in Necedah will pay $125,000 to the state for violating Wisconsin's air pollution control laws.
Marquis Energy-Wisconsin, LLC, made the settlement with the Department of Justice, the settlement announced by the Attorney General's Office in a news release on Monday.  The facility is classified as a major source under air pollution laws, because the greenhouse gas potential to emit is greater than 100,000 tons per year of carbon dioxide equivalence.
Read more:http://host.madison.com/news/local/crime_and_courts/necedah-ethanol-plant-fined-for-air-pollution-violations/article_bfb43285-8535-5bb0-ae4c-8a5c0354922f.html#ixzz2z19fRxhA
March 8, 2013
An eastern Wyoming ethanol producer will pay $49,000 for violations uncovered in a 2012 inspection by federal environmental regulators.  Officials at Wyoming Ethanol, a plant in Torrington, failed to maintain a sufficient risk management program for the various toxic and flammable chemicals handled at the plant, according to an inspection conducted last May by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read more:   http://trib.com/business/energy/wyoming-ethanol-plant-fined-by-epa/article_0c4544ba-a3f7-5643-82ce-30a455ab0d10.html
April 20, 2012
A Minnesota ethanol plant has been hit with an $800,000 pollution penalty, the latest in a multi-year regulatory crackdown that state officials say appears to be changing the industry's ways.
Bushmills Ethanol Inc. of Atwater, Minn., was fined for illegally discharging salt-laden wastewater into a ditch and then lying about it, the state Pollution Control Agency said Friday.

It is the third-highest penalty against a Minnesota ethanol producer in six years, a period when 13 of the state's 21 plants got caught polluting the air or waterways, and sometimes both. Altogether the penalties have exceeded $5.1 million.
SEE:  http://www.startribune.com/local/148254385.html
April 2012
IDEM Fines POET Alexandria Ethanol Plant ($28,000)...IDEM alleged that on three occasions in 2010 and 2011, the POET ethanol plant in Alexandria operated its fermentation and distillation processes without a pollution control device. SEE:  http://www.indianaenvironmentallaw.com/clean-air/idem-fines-poet-alexandria-ethanol-plant/
Nov 23, 2011
Corn Plus Ethanol Plant Fined For Falsifying Data - Company has been fined more than $500,000 in past three years.
The Corn Plus refinery in Winnebago Minn. was fined $310,000 by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for violations between 2008 to 2010. Corn Plus reported, and the MPCA confirmed that data from the facility's emissions control equipment showed repeated patterns, indicating that the data was falsified...
Read more:  www.keyc.com/story/.../corn-plus-ethanol-plant-fined-for-falsifying-data
Nov 7, 2011
United Ethanol has agreed to pay $700,000 to settle allegations that its plant in Milton violated air pollution laws periodically over several years... SEE www.jsonline.com News Wisconsin - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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To quickly find and view thousands of articles related to pollution violations by ethanol manufacturing plants,
Google search keywords: "ethanol plant fined".
Pollution caused by production of ethanol
from corn/grains into ethyl alcohol...
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