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Fuel Testers provides information and gas alcohol test kits to manage E10 ethanol blend renewable fuels.

Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Ethanol Alcohol Fuels Can Cause Problems and Damage to Engines...
Ethanol Fuel Disadvantages
Important E10 Ethanol Fuel Precautions: 
Ethanol alcohol fuel blends expire in 90 days;
When exposed to excessive water, they will expire even much faster. 
Studies report that in less than 100 days, alcohol fuels can absorb enough moisture to phase separate.

READ MORE About NECESSARY Precautions...

If you are not monitoring or "testing" your gas for alcohol and water content, we recommend replacement of gas in your fuel tank at least every 2-3 weeks to avoid alcohol and water related engine problems. 

An Alcohol Fuel Test Kit will give you information you need,
to keep your engine safe with E10 gasoline.

Protect Your Engines From Alcohol Fuel Damage!

Ethanol is an Alcohol Fuel...
Ethanol is an alcohol renewable fuel, made from corn or grains, which is used to oxygenate gasoline fuel at the pumps. See  About Ethanol Fuels & Ethanol History
Ethanol is hygroscopic (will absorb water), and is an excellent solvent (dissolves materials).

Due to ethanol's affinity for water, phase separation and water contamination occurs very quickly.

Ethanol Fuel - What's the dangers?
Simply put, ethanol is an excellent SOLVENT (dissolves plastic, rubber, fiberglass and more), and unlike MTBE ethanol will ABSORB WATER,  which can cause serious problems to some engines.
The presence of ethanol in fuel is rapidly rising.

At this time, most gasoline stations have already switched over to E10 ethanol-blended fuels, replacing MTBE, for oxygenating fuel.
Based on the laws passed in 2006 (Clean Air Act) and other EPA and U.S. government laws, ethanol blend fuels now are present in over 50% of our fuel supply.
You may not realize, that you are already buying fuel that contains ethanol...

The gas pumps in several states still are not required to disclose that the gasoline contains ethanol alcohol!
View Ethanol State Labeling Laws

The following laws and legislation are primarily responsible for why you've seen increased alcohol fuels (E10) at the gas pumps:
The Clean Air Act (1990) and Alternative Motor Fuels Act (1988)
The Energy Policy Act (2005)
The Renewable Fuel Standard Program (RFS September 2006)
Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA - 2007)
The laws and politics of ethanol.


Tests fuel for alcohol and water content.  Inexpensive.  Re-usable.  Simple.  Easy.  Accurate. Fast! 

Simple, easy, accurate. Mix small amounts water and fuel from pump or tank into the test tube included...View Test Kit Instructions...An increase in the amount of water on the gauge indicates that alcohol is present in the fuel. The gauge will also indicate the percentage of alcohol.

Alcohol Fuel Test Kit Information - FUEL TESTERS Contact Information
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Most owners of newer automobiles will have minimal problems with E10, when high quality gasoline is purchased, and fuel is replaced every 1-2 weeks. For all others, the effects of 10% ethanol in gasoline may be very different - View engine manufacturer ethanol recommendations and warnings.

Marine engines and all engines manufactured prior to 1998 have the greatest difficulty using and managing E10 fuel blends.

There are many disadvantages and controversey regarding widespread use of ethanol alcohol in the petroleum fuel supply.
While few dispute using ethanol to replace MTBE (now banned) as an oxygenator, using ethanol in all conventional gasoline is not a wise choice.

Consumers deserve and require "a choice at the pump",
so they can continue to use the best fuel type, recommended by their engine manufacturer.

Every town (and hopefully every public gas station) should supply all grades and types of fuel, which would include NON-ethanol  -"100% gasoline", E10 and E85.

The disadvantages are far greater than the instability of E10 (E.G. water-absorbing and solvent qualities).

This website contains extensive detail on the problems and necessary precautions when using E10 gasoline.
We try to avoid discussion on state/federal government funding of ethanol (this includes tax credits, grants, mandates, etc.), and "corn fuel vs. food" discussions, since our primary focus is to help consumers to safely manage (or avoid when necessary) E10 fuel.

In addition to the gas usage issues present with ethanol, (short shelf life, water-absorbing properties, solvent and destructive effects to engine parts etc.), the governmental mandates to increase distribution of E10 and E85, has far-reaching financial, business, farming and fuel industry, consumer, medical, foreign relations and environmental effects.

For the most current information, review website index and contact Fuel-Testers for information and updates.

Alcohol in E10 ethanol gasoline has caused engine problems & damage, especially to marine, outboard and boat motors.
READ - Article For Marine & Boat Engine Owners.

Washington DC - Ethanol RFA issues warnings to Boat Owners.

FAA Issues Safety Bulletin on Ethanol Use in Airplanes.

Many auto and marine engine manufacturers have issued ethanol warnings/bulletins this year, which state that using over 10% ethanol fuel will damage your engine and invalidate your warranty. View manufacturer recommendations.

Will the American Coalition for Ethanol succeed at increasing E10 to E15 for conventional engine use?
View E15 articles.

View more resources to learn the facts and warnings on ethanol fuel blends.

"If you are going to believe, know why you believe and back it up with something...".
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Disadvantages of
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