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Fuel-Testers  supports E85 flex fuel and all other "alternative" fuel petroleum replacements...
For years we had several pages on our website aiming to promote and education consumers on E85 (FLEX FUEL) and other alternative fuels...Consumer interest lacked and pages were removed - Many thought we were misguided in promoting FFV's. Words such as "tree-hugger" and contributing to "food shortage" were negatively directed towards us. Now with E10 widespread, and a website that offers simple solutions to safely manage E10 (and/or locate non-ethanol fuel when indicated), the feedback has changed, and some leave our website falsely believing we are "anti-ethanol"... We are not.

Alternative/Renewable Fuels - Truth, Reality and Facts

Fuel-Testers Company and MLR Solutions support any safe and affordable,"alternative" and "renewable" fuel that will decrease our dependence on foreign fuel and protect the environment. 
While we don't expect ethanol to become the primary "fuel of the future" - E85 and Flex Fuel Vehicles are here now-
If E85 is the best we have now, we hope concerned consumers will consider purchasing a FFV, or at the least, a very fuel-efficient or other alternative fuel automobile (hybrids, electric car, etc.). 

During past 1-2 years all states have rapidly switched to E10 (10% ethanol) gasoline to help meet federally enacted renewable fuel quotas/mandates (Renewable Fuel Standards, RFS and other government enacted energy/fuel policy). See page titled Politics-Laws.  Non-alcohol fuel pumps are quickly disappearing. Meeting (RFS) quotas with increased E85 (85% ethanol) consumption, might help to bring back non-ethanol 100% gas at the pumps. E85 makes sense - E10 rarely does - E15 makes no sense whatsoever.

Lack of E85 pumps in every town, is one of the primary road-blocks to increasing FFV sales.. 
Note: We believe most other ethanol "obstacles" could easily be resolved by competent government leaders, ethanol organizations and petroleum industry actions...
E85 has about 25-40% less energy per gallon than gasoline.
E85 typically costs less than gasoline on a gallon-for-gallon basis. The "energy-equivalent basis" cost must be equal to 100% gasoline before we could expect consumers to embrace E85.
Ethanol is not just made from corn and foodstock; (E.G. cellulosic ethanol, switchgrass, garbage, etc.).
Regardless of how we address U.S. energy needs in the future, consumers deserve a choice at the pump now-
"Gasoline choice" must include non-ethanol gasoline, oxygenated blends in targeted high pollution areas, E85, and other types of alternative and renewable fuels.

Several states have recently proposed or passed "ethanol-free premium" legislation to offer consumer choice at the pump - For those who own engines not designed for alcohol-blends. We believe this should become a federally enacted law, with guaranteed public access to non-alcohol gasoline.
Fuel Testers Company strongly supports energy independence.
The U.S. currently imports about 70% of petroleum we use! Our oil dependency is unacceptable and a threat to our economy and national security.
Consumer education and support is necessary to encourage switch-over to non-petroleum gasoline replacements, which currently can be filled by E85, until better alternative fuels are available in the market.
ACE, (American Coalition for Ethanol) and Growth Energy (Ethanol producers organization) are you listening ????
Meeting the needs of consumers, is the only way you will ever succeed at increasing the profits for the ethanol supplier/distribution and farming industry.
E10, 10% ethanol maximum, has been the legal allowable content for ethanol in conventional gasoline. This limit is based on decades of solid research studies by engine manufacturers, which consistently supports over 10% can damage a conventional engine.
Increasing E10 to E15 (15% ethanol) this year will do nothing more than anger the public.
Note: Using E15 will further reduce gas mpg and invalidate all current engine warranties for fuel system damage, should higher ethanol blend cause damage. More information on EPA waiver sought to increase E10 to E15 this year.

Your typical consumer still does not even understand the huge difference between E10 (oxygenating petroleum-based gasoline) and E85 (a replacement for petroleum-based, conventional gasoline). Encountering problems and engine damage with E10, has sadly turned-off many to the benefits of E85.  Increasing E10 to E15 will make matters worse...E85 makes much more sense.

Fuel-Testers will continue to support all "alternative" and "renewable fuels" that can reduce petroleum consumption and pollution. (E10 is not a petroleum replacement).

In time we will add more to this page (pros and cons of ethanol flex fuel, and other alternative fuels) - For now I encourage anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle to consider one of the many flex-fuel automobiles now available at most many major automakers in the U.S.

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Ethanol alcohol in E10 gasoline can cause engine problems & damage, especially to marine, and older auto engines.
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