- Protect your engines by checking gas for excess alcohol contamination and
purchasing ethanol-free fuel types, (when available) for motors not designed to run on alcohol.

Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
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* We urge commenters to include details, data or specific examples in support of their need to purchase and use gasoline that does not contain ethanol alcohol.

Petition - FAQ:

Who will this petition and data collected be sent to?
Answer: We will forward all petitions completed to the EPA (EPA.GOV - Environmental Protection Agency) and ACE (ETHANOL.ORG - American Coalition for Ethanol).

ACE currently has a "Fuel Choice Petition" online, but it neglects to include non-ethanol fuel, despite President of ACE Lars Herseth's statement
that he believes "fuel not blended with ethanol" should be an available "choice".
View April 2010 statement titled "American Consumers Deserve Fuel Choice" on ACE ethanol.org website.

The data included in petitions submitted will be analyzed and organized and may be sent to others who would benefit from this information.
This may include (as appropriate) major engine manufacturers, specialty groups that advocate for engine types such as those for the marine industry, lawn equipment industry, aircraft, etc.

Is my name and contact information required?
Yes, you must include at least one method to contact you (active email account is sufficient) in event accuracy of petition you submitted is questioned; Your legal name may be abbreviated or disguised + street address is not required, but state and country must be included (for obvious reasons).

What is the deadline to submit petition?
There is no exact date when we will end petition, but we encourage all to submit ASAP - If our goal is reached, we may stop accepting petition submissions at end of the year, 12/31/2013.

Can I submit more than one petition?
Duplicate submissions will be ignored, but if the data you submitted changes (E.G. Your location and engine type), by all means feel free to submit another petition to include this information.

What is your goal for number of petitions submitted
Considering there are hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of engines adversely affected by E10 + E15 and higher ethanol-blends of gasoline, we have set a minimum target of 50,000 submissions so that our goal to obtain legislation to assure ethanol-free fuel choice will be seriously considered and accepted.

Who is paying for the time and costs involved to obtain signatures for this petition?
All actions and expenses involved in gaining support for this petition is unfortunatley the sole responsibility of Fuel-Testers, a small private company.
Expenses incurred for E10 education and advocating for the public regarding ethanol-blends of gasoline is paid for by our personal funds and by profits earned through sale of fuel test kits.
We encourage and appreciate your efforts to share this petition with others.  Website links, inclusion in newsletters, word-of-mouth and many other forms of advertising exist.

Why did Fuel-Testers company chose to sponsor this petition now?
After almost 10 years of hearing (daily) the problems encountered by those forced to use E10 blends of gasoline (due to the rapidly diminishing supply of non-ethanol gas pumps) we believe the time has come for the public and companies adversely affected by E10 gas to join together to gain the power necessary to overcome the current trends that are limiting our fuel choices.

There are many reasons that convinced us to publish this petition now; Including the recent EPA appoval for E15 gas (a wrong decision since manufacturers do not warranty or approve of this new gas type), ACE's (Ethanol.org) recent release of a "Fuel Choice" petition that only includes E85 and higher blends of ethanol. Plus, the complete lack of availability of ethanol-free fuel in our neighborhoods (Long Island, New York and Atlanta Georgia) and our government's misguided belief that they are entitled to decide "what" consumers are allowed to buy, is unacceptable to us.
Contact us.
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PETITION to Assure Availability of Non-Ethanol (Alcohol-Free) Fuel Choices at All Public Gas Pumps:

As a consumer, I should be able to decide and buy my choice for the best fuel type, recommended by my engine's manufacturer for all of my gas-powered motors.  Today, the EPA, ACE, ethanol producers, and other government, private and public companies, control that decision.  

My right to choose NON-ethanol fuel (gasoline without alcohol) has been in recent years limited, controlled or taken away by those companies and regulating agencies who wrongly believe that the E10 fuel type is safe, appropriate and manufacturer-approved for all conventional engine types.

The EPA's recent unwarranted approval of a new conventional E15 gas type which will contain 50% more ethanol than allowed by manufacturer recommendations/warranties, is further substantiation that choosing the most appropriate gas type at the pump should be determined by the engine owner. The only gas type that should contain excess ethanol is E85 flex-fuel used only in specially designed engines.

I own or use engine(s) that require and/or performs best on NON-alcohol fuel types, including:
(Include engine year, type, model and manufacturer gas recommendations, if applicable)

Due to the limitation of only ethanol-blends (E10 gas) being sold in my neighborhood of, _________________________ I have experienced negative and unnecessary consequences and added expense.    (Include town, county, state).

Details of problem(s) caused by ethanol alcohol added to conventional gasoline included below or attached.
* Yes ___ No____ N/A____
Widespread availability of "premium" alcohol-free gasoline is one of many simple and effective solutions to assure appropriate fuel choices for all U.S. consumers.

I request the EPA pass regulations that would guarantee both "choice and availability" of a non-ethanol fuel type at public gas station pumps.

By signing this petition, I join thousands of other voices that believe the EPA must immediately take action to protect my right and freedom to choose a non-ethanol gas type, by requiring the availability of an alcohol-free gas pump in every town and/or 10 mile radius area where gas is sold to the public.

Respectfully Submitted, ________________________________
                                                           (Signature required for off-line submissions only).
Name: _______________________________ (Required)  Email: ________________________________ (Required) 
Address: __________________________(Town/state/country required, street optional)      Phone/Fax:________________(Optional)


The negative consequences I have experienced due to purchase/use of E10 gasoline, include, but are not limited to...
(Check those that apply)
__ Decreased gas mpg and increased fuel costs;
__ Rapid gas contamination due to E10 fuel water absorption;
__ Gas-caused part(s) disintegration, deterioration and/or damage; (E.G. Premature replacement or repair of fuel pumps, hoses, gas tanks and/or carburetors).
__ Gas-caused engine damage with expense(s) incurred for repair or replacement of engine;
__ Performance issues; (E.G. decreased engine power, hesitation, stalling).
__ Engine usage requires prolonged gas storage beyond 2-3 month expected shelf life of E10;
__ Bought E10 gas (unknowingly) contaminated at time of sale; (E.G. Over-blended with excess over 10% ethanol and/or water contamination.
__ E10 and E15 is not the fuel type recommended by my engine's owners manual and warranty statement;
__ Other E10 gas problem(s) not listed above.

Comments: (Supportive of why E10 and E15 is not the correct fuel type for your engine(s).

Please submit petition to Fuel-Testers Company (MLR Solutions) before 12/31/2014.

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