Avoid alcohol and solvent based additives such as Hydroburn; Test gas and additives for alcohol.
Portable and Reusable Alcohol Fuel Test Kits and Quik-Check Solution Kits
will quickly check exact content of ethanol in fuel and/or instantly check water & ethanol presence in gas.

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Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
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Quik Check solution instantly reveals alcohol/water in fuel.
Quik-Check solution
Instantly reveals water & alcohol in fuel -
Turns bright blue.

For consumer and gasoline company use.

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Cim-tek Hydroburn®
Product Information & Review
No gas additive exists that can safely remove water from phase-separated E10 gasoline...  After phase-separation gasoline would not meet ASTM and SAE quality standards.  Fixing phase separated is a complex procedure that requires very advanced filtration equipment and replacement + testing of chemicals in fuel...

Hydroburn® by Cim-tek is just another alcohol-based solvent additive, that would be very risky to use with ethanol-blends of gasoline.
Cimtek's Product literature states,
"HYDROBURN ® fuel treatment is formulated to break the weak hydrogen bond between water molecules - It then becomes a combustible compound that liberates the water molecule as steam in the exhaust - One molecule of water is individually encapsulated by one molecule in hydroburn - As the engine runs, it "burns" water off as steam through the exhaust".

Fuel-Testers Review: Do NOT use unless you are a professional fuel service company.
Similar to other water-removal additives of the past, Hydroburn G by Cim-tek contains primarily contains alcohol-based ingredients.
Using alcohol-based gas additives with gas that already contains 10 percent (or more) alcohol, will only increase your risk for phase-separation and engine parts damage.

Should not be used for prevention; Probably could remove water in a running engine, but not without risks;
Expensive and impractical to use to "fix" phase-separated gasoline since company recommends a 3:1 ratio (Hydroburn: amount of water present), most would not even know how much water is in tank to calculate dose of Hydroburn required.

Products that contain alcohol should not be used in fresh, good E10 (alcohol blend) gas for prevention.
Alcohol-based fuel "water-removers" should only be used by those properly trained in fuel purification techniques.

See more information below.

Fuel-Testers Company and MLR Solutions are not affiliated with Cim-tek Corporation and Hydroburn products- All product inquiries and technical support should be sent directly to the manufacturer, Cim-tek. View Cimtek company's contact information here: http://www.cim-tek.com/contact/

Review of new Product Hydroburn by Cimtek, effectively removes water from phase separated gasoline.
Product falsely claims to "safely" and "completely" remove water from E10 water contaminated (phase-separated) gasoline...

Reviews by Fuel-Testers are for informational purposes only:
We are not the manufacturer of HydroburnG™;
We do not sell or distribute any products from Cim-tek company;
We strongly advise against use of Hydroburn with E10 type gasoline.

"Blue Information in box obtained from Cim-tek's company product literature".

"Hydroburn® Product Features":

  • "RESTORES phase separated fuel to previous ethanol amount and octane rating". Half-true, unless you own an octane analyzer and alcohol fuel tester you would have no way of knowing what alcohol and octane readings are.
  • "ELIMINATES WATER and water-related problems, when applied correctly". Half-true - Probably will remove some of water just like any cheap alcohol could also do, but certainly will not eliminate problems.
  • "INCREASES OCTANE RATING by 2-4 points." RON, MON or Pump Octane? Besides all alcohols increase octane EG. Isopropyl, methanol, and ethanol all have octane number of 100-115.
  • "UPGRADES FUEL QUALITY and promotes more complete combustion". False.
  • "STOPS coughing, rough idle and hesitation". Probably False.

- "Increases MPG (miles per gallon), reduces emissions, easier starts, smoother idle, more power and faster acceleration".Typical additive company marketing nonsense.
- "Significantly reduces the chance of the water freezing". True. (All alcohols and alcohol based solutions reduce water from freezing, including the ethanol alcohol already in over 95% of fuel sold).
- "Compatible with all Cim-Tek and other water-separating filters".  I would hope this is true.
- "For use with underground and above ground tanks, all types of vehicle engine tanks, furnaces - all gasoline brands and ethanol blends. (E10, E15, E20, E85 etc.)." Once again very misleading - Check with your engine manufacturer - I expect they would also warn you against use of alcohol and solvent-based gas additives with E10 to E85.

How Hydroburn Eliminates Water in Gasoline and Ethanol Blends:

"Over time the water is removed as the engine runs, "burning" it off". 
I condensed this section (go to Cimtek's site to read full literature), included this sentence to once again state that engine most be running for removal of any water - Does nothing to remove water in a stored and sedentary engine.

View Cim-tek You Tube Video. "Reversing Phase Separation with Hydroburn". (See Fuel-Testers comments).
Read October 2008 PEI-Petroleum Equipment Institute Product Press Release.

------------------------ "Blue Information in box obtained from company product literature". Black bold comments are Fuel-Testers Opinion and Review. ------------------------
Fuel-Testers Comments and Product Review - More information...
Hydroburn® gas additive by Cim-tek, a product released in 2009 for public use to fix phase-separated gasoline, is an alcohol and solvent based liquid capable of causing major damage to an engine.

Fuel-Testers has reviewed and tested numerous fuel additive and treatment products over the years since E10 distribution has become widespread in the U.S.   Very few gas additives have been able to "completely, effectively and safely" remove water from ethanol blends, without some undesirable side effects including risk of damage to parts.

Most water-removing additives contain strong alcohols and solvents. Like other water-removers, Cimtek's HydroburnG® does contain mostly alcohol. Request copy of MSDS. (Note: All Hydrobrun product information including MSDS should be sent to Cim-tek, not Fuel-Testers - Only request MSDS from us if Cim-tek refuses to furnish it to you).
Additives that contain strong solvents and primary alcohols are contraindicated for "preventive use" in ethanol alcohol gasoline blends.

Our quality, safety and effectiveness requirements are very strict.  It appears Hydroburn can remove water, but it is unclear if this product is safe for use by all engine owners. 
We have requested more information from Cim-tek Company and so far our requests for additional technical information and consumer usage guidelines have remained unanswered. (As of April 14th, 2009).

For most, following simple E10 precautions is all that is necessary to avoid the negative side-effects of ethanol blends (excess water absorption, drop in octane, phase separation, etc.). 

Hydroburn® should only beused by fuel industry professionals experienced in treating contaminated gasoline.

When we first heard about Hydroburn®, we were very excited that there finally would be a safe additive we could recommend to the consumers faced with phase separation of E10 gasoline. When we simulated demonstration Cim-tek has on You-Tube video, gas returned to a phase separated state within 45 seconds after agitation. (Deceptive video).
Company has ignored all of our requests for additional information.  Inside sales representative (S.C.) informed us they do not offer support to consumers/public and they only offer support and information to those in the petroleum industry.  When I asked why product is now available in consumer sizes of 8 and 32 oz. I was told that was so the station owner could give a bottle to a consumer if there engine failed when pulling out of a station that sold contaminated gas. (Bad answer - retailer should pay to drain gas and repair engine if they mistakenly sell consumer water contaminated fuel).

Although we generally refrain from posting negative comments about any company - Cim-tek's false claims and misleading literature is unacceptable.

We're hopeful other, more consumer-focused gas treatment product companies, will introduce a new generation of water-removing additives in the near future - As always, we'll keep you informed.
Hydroburn® is a registered trademark of Cim-tek Corporation.  Product was released in 2008-09.
Cim-tek  Corporation is an equipment and filter company for the petroleum, industrial, agricultural, bio-fuel and HVAC markets.
Cim-tek product literature states it is safe and appropriate for all types of engines, engine gas tanks, and gas-powered motors.  But company told Fuel-Testers (2009) it "is currently only recommended for use by the petroleum industry...". They do not provide product support to public or consumers. (Very disappointing).

Fuel-Testers Company and MLR Solutions are not affiliated with Cim-tek Corporation - All product inquiries and technical support should be sent directly to the manufacturer, Cim-tek. View Cim-tek company's contact information here: http://www.cim-tek.com/contact/

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